Understand the depth of your data breach and prevent future attacks

Understanding how an attack on your infrastructure occured can assist in preventing future attacks.

It is critical as an organization to know the scope of an attack, and what data or systems have been compromised or are at risk. By understanding how an attacker was able to infiltrate your organization's digital architecture, you will be able to fix issues, close gaps, make appropriate internal and external disclosures, and educate your employees as you better prepare your organization for future attacks.


We perform an in-depth analysis including research across the web to understand how an attack against your organization was performed and identify the systems, data, and infrastructure that may have been impacted.

Risk Analysis

Our team of experts will work to identify the risk your security incident and/or data breach poses to your organization, employees, and customers through the compromised assets.


In performing a post-mortem of the security incident your organization experienced, we will provide you with a detailed report containing our findings and recommendations to repair and fix the problem(s).

After Melurna’s team performs a compromise analysis, your organization will be provided with a report of the findings including recommendations for the future.

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Work with Melurna’s team of experts now to assess compromise.

Melurna’s team can work directly with your leading personnel to conduct an investigation and help to facilitate future investigations through strategic recommendations designed to help your security team respond to future cyber threats.

Get in touch with our team and find out how we can help assess compromise and enable your organization to better plan for the future.

Securing Your Corporate Data in the Event of a Breach

After a thorough audit of data handling practices, Melurna’s team is available to work with key members of your organization to create and implement data storage best practices, helping you to mitigate the business risks associated with suffering a data breach.
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