Melurna’s Incident Response Team is Always On Call

2244 cyber attacks are mounted per day, that’s 39 per second. Our digitized world is 24/7 and that’s why our team is always ready to support your organization in the face of an ongoing cyber attack.

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Through structured implementation, our team is trained to respond to ongoing cybersecurity incidents and assist organizations in regaining control of their systems.

Team Brief

Our incident response team assembles and is briefed on the situation.


Our technical team analyzes systems to determine the source of an attack


Once identified the attack is contained and neutralized.


We review the systems and infrastructure affected by a malicious actor to assess severity.


Our team is equipped to assist in notifying key personnel of the issues and can assist with formal disclosures.


We work together with your security team to prevent the same cybersecurity event from happening in the future.

During an ongoing cyber incident our team's priority is to halt the infiltration, mitigate damages, and continuously brief your personnel with key discoveries and findings.

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