Infrastructure Hardening Mitigates the Risk Posed by Cyber Threats

Mounting your defenses in advance of a cyber threat starts with ensuring that your digital infrastructure follows best practices and is hardened against attacks.

How Infrastructure Hardening Works

Your first line of defense against any cybersecurity threat is the way in which your infrastructure is configured. By following best practices, securing your infrastructure can be a straightforward process through which you can mitigate the risk of a cyber attack.

Melurna’s expert team will work together with key personnel in your organization to ensure your digital infrastructure is secure. Starting with a basic audit, we can identify whether or not cybersecurity best practices are implemented and being followed when it comes to configuring your network.

No matter the outcome of an infrastructure audit, your leadership team can find peace of mind in addressing basic attack vectors that could have vast consequences.

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Enhanced Infrastructure Hardening with Melurna

Hardening your infrastructure is a critical first step in securing your organization's digital footprint and mitigating the damage done by malicious actors. Combining this service with Melurna’s Penetration Testing expertise, Data Defense auditing, and Compromise Analysis, we can help your organization identify and close gaps that can have a negative business impact.

Penetration Testing

Identify gaps in your network and digital infrastructure before your adversaries do.

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Infrastructure Hardening

After a comprehensive audit through penetration testing, Melurna's team of experts will work to close gaps and harden your digital footprint.

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Data Defense

As your last line of defense against an attack, we'll work with key personnel within your organization to ensure that business crtical data is secured.

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Compromise Analysis

During the enhanced audit, our team will research past breaches, known and unknown, providing your organization with a detailed report of any findings and recommendations to remedy.

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Melurna offers a comprehensive suite of services which can independently help position a corporation to better fend off an attack. Taken together, these services can provide the critical footing needed to reduce damage that can be done to an organization from a cyber attack or help prevent it altogether.

Securing Your Corporate Data in the Event of a Breach

After a thorough audit of data handling practices, Melurna’s team is available to work with key members of your organization to create and implement data storage best practices, helping you to mitigate the business risks associated with suffering a data breach.
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