Minimize Risk with Penetration Testing and Security Auditing

Identify and resolve vulnerabilities in your defense before your adversaries do. Work with Melurna’s expert security research team to identify gaps in your infrastructure and fix vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

How Melurna’s Team Executes a Penetration Test and Security Audit


Through a comprehensive audit and penetration test, Melurna’s Security team helps businesses around the world identify gaps in their infrastructure. We help prevent attacks before they occur. Penetration testing can be broken down into 5 cyclical steps that allows our team to make recommendations and implement fixes through a security audit and comprehensive approach to mimicking a cybersecurity threat.

Planning and Recon

Our team will work directly with you to define the scope of a penetration test including the methods and tools to be used. We gather intelligence to identify risks and attack vectors malicious actors may seek. With smart recon, we leverage intelligence to bolster your organization’s defenses.


Through reconnaissance and intelligence gathering, the penetration test will identify network assets and infrastructure that pose a risk as attack vectors. This can include network appliances, domains, IoT devices, mail servers, open ports and more. This step allows our experts to perform a high-level security audit from the outside in and forms the basis from which our team may make recommendations for hardening.


Within the defined scope, our team will check for open access through the identified attack vectors and infrastructure gaps. The purpose being to determine the extent at which a breach could compromise an organization’s customers and employees.


During an analysis phase, the Melurna team will provide a report outlining what gaps and attack vectors exist, how they can be exploited and what sensitive data may be accessed. Our team will make recommendations to resolve these issues and will work with your team directly to implement those recommendations. We are here to help protect your organization from future attacks.


Our team will provide maintenance recommendations to deter future attacks. By understanding how these attack vectors can be leveraged, our experts will be better able to make recommendations for fixing issues and closing gaps in your systems.

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