Threat Mitigation is a Preemptive Cyber Defense Measure

In the midst of an attack or suspected attack, employee stress and organization-wide risk can impact response. Proactively address risk with Melurna's Threat Mitigation services

Employ a Methodical Approach to Mitigate Cyber Threats


There are three core components to threat mitigation that Melurna’s team employs through a repeatable process developed to help alleviate the stress an organization faces with the pervasive risk of a cyber attack.


An analysis of systems, people and tools can help identify security risks and active threats to an organization.


Implementing best practices, policies and procedures in a corporation can help a business protect sensitive data from malicious actors.


Reducing the impact of security threats and mitigation risks posed by malicious actors can be done through the strategic implementation of new policies, procedures and network level fixes based on the findings during the identification and prevention phase.

Threat mitigation can help identify and remedy the means in which a cyber attack can be mounted against your organization and help equip your teams with the skills and knowledge needed to help identify, isolate, and thwart cyber attacks.

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